book cover 5This site supports the writing of a trend report / eBook and more. It covers:

  • The impact of experience on creating and retaining loyal customers.
  • How this is crucial for subscription economy companies and beyond.
  • The role a team of customer success managers can play.

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Introducing Success Teams

As the name of this site suggests, customer success teams are a focus. The operating context is how they form the basis for creating great customer experiences and driving the subscription economy. Read this introductory post for more on that.

For more on the owner of this site and author of the eBook / trend report see the about section.

The intro post and chapters of the eBook / trend report break down customer success team efforts into three main areas. This is a practical approach that aligns with the steps you would need to follow to develop and sustain a success team in your organisation.

success team offerings - build


You have to start somewhere and these are the foundational building blocks of a good customer success practice (outside of creating the right mindset and culture which is the initial starting point). These provide the foundation to expand and scale your practice and need to be in place for overall success:
– Methodology
– Data, Metrics and Tech
– Practice and Leadership


success team offerings - grow


The subscription and experience business is such an iterative one by its very nature. Experiences vary so much by customer and continue to evolve and subscription models can be constantly tweaked as the data provides feedback and evidence of what works and doesn’t. Responding to this is key.
– Segmenting Customers
– Scaling the Team
– Scaling the Customer


success team offerings - innovate


You can never be standing still. You should constantly be looking at ways to innovate how you deliver great experiences and value to customers to beat competitors. Reinventing how you apply technology and new business models constantly, whether as incumbent or startup, is key.
– Automation and AI
– As a Service
– SaaS 2.0


Icebergs and things

the customer success iceberg
Click for larger view

Notice an iceberg in the landing section and the (provisional) cover of the eBook / trend report? There is a reason – it has deep meaning and is used as an analogy in the diagram at right. It shows context and levers. This post goes into more detail: The customer success and experience iceberg

There are other such diagrams and resources as a way of sensemaking and as reference. The eBook / trend report and this site is built on this and many come from some fine minds and practitioners out there. The resources page summarises many of these and blog posts are the longer form means of diving into detail.