This is mostly for my benefit to support research of the eBook / trend report. There is such a vast wealth of material out there and to have it close to hand is useful. I could keep it in a private note but I thought to make it widely available. I have broken this page it up into two main areas and I’ll keep adding over time. The first area covers third party sources and the second, below the line separator, covers frameworks I have created and applied with customers.  I’ve allowed comments on this page so if you have any feedback or other resources I can add please share.



This list includes the main providers of customer success, experience and subscription software.
Gainsight (Customer Success)
Strikedeck (Customer Success)
Totango (Customer Success)
Successly (Customer Success)
Amity (Customer Success)
Kitewheel (Customer Experience)
Zuora (Subscription)
– A comprehensive list from the Customer Success Association.
– G2 Crowd is an excellent source of unbiased user reviews and here is there section on customer success software


Events as well as community sites or groups for practitioners to share insights or ask questions.
Customer Success Network. European focused community, jobs and resources
Outcomes Community run by the Success Hacker consultancy
The Customer Success Forum, a LinkedIn group, probably the largest
The Customer Success Association, events, resources, etc.
The Success League, consulting, playbooks, training
Pulse, an event run by Gainsight
Customer Success Summit, an event run by Totango


Articles, sites, research, etc. There is some seriously solid material out there to learn from.
– An excellent list of resources from Userlane’s blog: Top Customer Success Resources in 2017
– Curated articles in a Flipboard Magazine that I created and you can follow
The Technology Services Industry Association has lots of research and good material.
Customer Success Management Is The Key To Outstanding B2B Customer Experiences, Forrester report.

success canvasThe Success Canvas is a high level success planning template I created for use with customers. This link is to a PDF file which includes an explanation and can be used to create your own success canvas with customers. It’s made up of a vision canvas covering the why, who and what of success planning and an execution canvas that covers the how.


The success canvas should be used in conjunction with a full blown methodology. Customer Success is a long game. I’ve created and used one successfully based on lean startup principles. It’s very iterative and guides activities to ever increasing levels of maturity. Post on that here with detailed description.

I have a success planning and tracking cycle that I run customers through which I have captured visually in the diagram below. It’s pretty straightforward (I hope) but just ask in a comment if not. One thing to add perhaps is that once you move into the operational tracking cycle depicted by the circle on the right, you could be doing the evaluation quarterly. Typically this would be in an executive business review. But especially in the early stages you will likely need more time between reviews.

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